Linux Virtual Delivery Agent

Fixed issues

Compared to: Linux Virtual Delivery Agent 2009

Linux Virtual Delivery Agent 2012 contains the following fix:

  • Attempts to upload 10 files or more at the same time by using the file transfer feature might fail. The progress bar continuously shows 0% Completed. The issue occurs on Ubuntu16.04 intermittently. To work around the issue, log off and back on to the session. [LNXVDA-7620]

  • Changing the locale to a non-English language might make performance counters unable to convert a string value to a numeric value. The following error occurs in the VDA log.

    [PerfCounter] [Error] SysStat.ReadUpTime: Converting element '29363.68' resulted in a NumberFormatException. Error: Input string was not in a correct format


  • After performing scans, the ctxmonitorservice process might exit unexpectedly with a SIGABRT error. [CVADHELP-15969]

  • When you perform any one of the following operations in a Word document opened through Secure Browser, the document might automatically zoom in:

    • Press Ctrl+Z to undo your changes
    • Press Ctrl+C to copy text
    • Press Ctrl+B to make text bold

    The issue occurs when the Mobile Receiver virtual channel (MRVC) policy is enabled. [CVADHELP-16214]

Fixed issues