Citrix Provisioning

Configuring vDisks for Active Directory management

Integrating Provisioning Services and Active Directory allows administrators to:

  • Select the Active Directory Organizational Unit (OU) in which Provisioning Services should create a target device computer account.
  • Take advantage of Active Directory management features, such as delegation of control and group policies.
  • Configure the Provisioning Server to automatically manage the computer account passwords of target devices.

Before integrating Active Directory within the farm, verify that the following prerequisites are met:

  • The Master Target Device was added to the domain before building the vDisk
  • The Disable Machine Account Password Changes option was selected when the image optimization wizard was run during imaging

After all prerequisites have been verified, new target devices can be added and assigned to the vDisk. A machine account must then be created for each target device.

Configuring vDisks for Active Directory management