Citrix Provisioning

Installing and configuring Provisioning Services

Before installing and configuring Provisioning Services, you should first understand the installation wizards that are described here. Then follow the installation and configuration procedures in the rest of the documents in this section.


Provisioning Services product software and components are installed from the product CD-ROM or from the product download site

Citrix Licensing

CTX_Licensing.msi installs the Citrix licensing software on a server that can communicate with Provisioning Servers within your implementation.

Provisioning Services Installation Wizard

Run PVS_Server.exe or PVS_Server_x64.exe to install the following Provisioning Services components within a farm:

  • Provisioning Services Stream Service
  • Network Boot Services (optional)
  • Configuration Wizard (runs after the installation wizard to configure installed components and creates the Provisioning Services database)
  • Programming Utilities
  • Boot Device Manager (BDM)

Note: Installing from a UNC path is not supported.

Provisioning Services Console Wizard

Run PVS_Console.exe or PVS_Console_x64.exe to install the Console, which also includes the Boot Device Management utility. The Console can be installed on any machine that can communicate with the Provisioning Services database.

Master Target Device Installation Wizard

For Windows: PVS_Device.exe or PVS_Device_x64.exe

Installs the target device software on a master target device. The master target device is used to create the ‘golden image,’ which is then saved to a vDisk file using the Imaging Wizard.

Upgrade Wizard

The Upgrade Wizard must be installed and run in a folder that does not contain surrogate pair characters (Unicode code point after 0x10000). The Upgrade Wizard facilitates the automation of the upgrade process, and includes the following utilities:

  • The UpgradeAgent.exe, which runs on the target device to upgrade previously installed product software.
  • The UpgradeManager.exe, which runs on the Provisioning Server to control the upgrade process on the target device.
Installing and configuring Provisioning Services