Citrix Provisioning

Deleting a collection

Deleting a collection deletes any target device member records within the collection. The records can be recreated by manually adding them or using the Auto-add feature.

Note: Deleting a target device also deletes that device from any views that it was associated with.

If target devices are members of collections within the same site, the members of one collection can be dragged and dropped to other collections, then the original collection can be deleted. If a device collection needs to be moved to a different site or that site becomes obsolete, you can use the export and import features to add the devices to a collection in another site, then the original collection can be deleted.

To delete a collection:

  1. In the Console tree, right-click on the collection folder that you want to delete, then select the Delete menu option. A confirmation message appears.
  2. Click OK to delete this collection. The collection no longer displays in the Console tree.
Deleting a collection