Citrix Provisioning

Provisioning Servers in the console

A Provisioning Server is any server that has Stream Services installed. Provisioning Servers are used to stream software from vDisks, as needed, to target devices. In some implementations, vDisks reside directly on the Provisioning Server. In larger implementations, Provisioning Servers get the vDisk from a shared-storage device on the network.

Provisioning Servers also retrieve and provide configuration information to and from the Provisioning Services database. Provisioning Server configuration options are available to ensure high availability and load-balancing of target device connections

To configure a Provisioning Server and software components for the first time, run the Configuration Wizard (the Configuration Wizard can be re-run on a Provisioning Server at a later date in order to change network configuration settings). Refer to the Installation and Configuration Guide for Configuration Wizard details.

After the Provisioning Server software components are successfully installed, and the wizard configurations have been made, servers are managed through the Provisioning Services Console. The Console is used to perform Provisioning Server management tasks such as editing the configuration settings or the properties of existing Provisioning Servers.

Provisioning Servers appear in the Console main window as members of a site within a farm. To manage Provisioning Servers that belong to a specific site, you must have the appropriate administrative role (Site Administrator for this site, or Farm Administrator).

Note: In the Console, the appearance of the Provisioning Server icon indicates that server’s current status.

In the Console, Provisioning Servers are managed by performing actions on them. The following actions can be performed. To view a list of actions that can be performed on a selected Provisioning Server, choose from the following options:

  • Click the Action menu in the menu bar
  • Right-click on a Provisioning Server in the Console
  • Enable the Action pane from the Views menu Note: Actions appear disabled if they do not apply to the selected Provisioning Server (refer to “Management Tasks” for task details).
Provisioning Servers in the console