Known issues

  • Attempts to add or modify a policy might fail if the length of users or user groups specified as the applicable scope exceeds 16 characters.

  • A Session Recording server might persist in maintenance status. The issue occurs when the Session Recording cloud client that you installed on the Session Recording server didn’t update with the new release. As a workaround, complete the following steps:

    1. Remove the cloud client package (SRCloudClientService.msi) from the Session Recording server.

    2. Download a new cloud client package to the Session Recording server. To download the package, navigate to Configuration > Server Management > Server connection guide and then click Download.

      Downloading the cloud client

    3. Install the Session Recording cloud client by using a command similar to the following:

      msiexec /i SRCloudClientService.msi CUSTOMERID="<Citrix Cloud customer ID>" CLIENTID="<secure client ID>" CLIENTSECRET="<secure client secret>" CUSTOMDOMAIN="<a custom domain name of the Session Recording server>" PROXYMODE="<set the value to 1 or 2>" PROXYSERVER="<>" PROXYSCRIPT="<script address>" PROXYBYPASS="<entries separated by semicolons (;)>" /l*v "<log path>" /qn+


      Versions 7.37.9010.3 and later of the cloud client don’t depend on the local certificates on Session Recording servers and don’t support the CUSTOMDOMAIN parameter.

      For information on the command variables, see Connect existing Session Recording servers to the cloud.

Known issues

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