Integrate with Citrix Gateway and NetScaler ADC

Use Citrix Gateway with StoreFront to provide secure remote access for users outside the corporate network and NetScaler ADC to provide load balancing.

Task Detail
Add a NetScaler Gateway Add a gateway to your NetScaler ADC and configure it within StoreFront
Import a NetScaler Gateway Export configuration from your NetScaler ACD and import it into StoreFront
Manage NetScaler Gateways Add, remove and edit NetScaler gateway connection settings
Load balancing with NetScaler ADC Configure NetScaler as a load balancer in front of a StoreFront server group
Configure NetScaler ADC and StoreFront for Delegated Forms Authentication (DFA)  
Authenticate using different domains Configure StoreFront and NetScaler so that users first authenticate with the gateway on one domain, then authenticate to StoreFront on a different domain.
Configure beacon points Configure beacon URLs that Citrix Workspace app can use to determine whether it is inside or outside your corporate network.
Create a single FQDN used internally and externally Create a single fully qualified domain name (FQDN) that can access a store directly from within your corporate network and remotely via the Citrix Gateway.
Integrate with Citrix Gateway and NetScaler ADC

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