Email-based account discovery

Configure email-based account discovery to enable users who install Citrix Workspace app on a device for the first time to set up their accounts without needing to know the store URL by entering their email addresses.

During the initial configuration process, Citrix Workspace app prompts users to enter either an email address or a store URL. If the user enters an email address, Citrix Workspace app looks up the email domain in a number of locations to determine the StoreFront server. It then lists all visible stores for the user to choose from.

Citrix recommends using the Global App Config Service to configure email discovery. As an alternative you can configure email discovery using either DNS SVR records or a DNS alias.

Global App Config Service

To configure email discovery using the Glboal App Cofig Service, see Setup email based discovery.

DNS SVR records records

As an alternative to Global App Config Service, you can use DNS SVR records to configure which StoreFront server Citrix Workspace app should use for an email domain.

On your DNS server for your email domain add a SRV record with the following properties:

Property Value
Service _citrixreceiver
Proto TCP
Target The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) and port for your Citrix Gateway appliance (to support both local and remote users) or StoreFront server (to support local users only) in the form servername.domain:port.

If your environment includes both internal and external DNS servers, you can add a SRV record specifying the StoreFront server FQDN on your internal DNS server and another record on your external server specifying the Citrix Gateway FQDN. With this configuration, local users are provided with the StoreFront details, while remote users receive Citrix Gateway connection information.

DNS discoverReceiver record

As a fallback to the other methods, you can create an DNS alias to the StoreFront server discoverReceiver on the email domain. For example if your email domain is, create a DNS alias called If no SRV record is found in the specified domain, Citrix Workspace app searches for a machine named “discoverReceiver” to identify a StoreFront server.

If you use this mechanism, ensure that discoverReceiver is included as a subject alternate name in the HTTPS certificate for your StoreFront server.

Email-based account discovery