XenMobile Server

Anonymize data in support bundles

When you create support bundles in XenMobile, sensitive user, server, and network data is made anonymous by default. You can change this behavior on the Anonymization and De-anonymization page. You can also download a mapping file that XenMobile saves when anonymizing data. Citrix support can request this file to de-anonymize the data and locate a problem with a specific user or device.

  1. In the XenMobile console, click the wrench icon in the right upper-hand corner. The Support page appears.

  2. On the Support page, under Advanced, click Anonymization and De-anonymization. The Anonymization and De-anonymization page appears.

    Image of Anonymize data configuration

  3. In Support bundle anonymization, select whether the data is anonymized. The default is ON.

  4. Next to De-anonymization, click Download de-anonymization file to download the mapping file to send to Citrix support when they need specific device or user information to diagnose an issue.

Anonymize data in support bundles

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