XenMobile Server Current Release


XenMobile provides the following pre-defined reports that let you analyze your app and device deployments. Each report appears as a table and a chart. You can sort and filter the tables by column. You can select elements in the chart for more detailed information.

  • Total Apps Deployment Attempts: Lists deployed apps that users tried to install on their devices.
  • Apps by Platform: Lists apps and app versions by device platform and version.
  • Apps by Type: Lists apps by version, type, and category.
  • Device Enrollment: Lists all enrolled devices.
  • Devices & Apps: Lists devices that are running managed apps.
  • Inactive Devices: A list of devices that have not had any activity for the number of days specified by the XenMobile Server property device.inactivity.days.threshold.
  • Jailbroken/Rooted Devices: Lists jailbroken iOS devices and rooted Android devices.
  • Terms & Conditions: Lists users who have accepted and declined Terms and Conditions agreements. You can select areas of the chart to view more details.
  • Top 10 Apps: Failed Deployment - Lists up to 10 apps that have failed to deploy.
  • Blacklisted Apps by Device & User: Lists blocked apps that users have on their devices.


    The XenMobile Server console includes the terms “blacklist” and “whitelist”. We are changing those terms in an upcoming release to “block list” and “allow list”.

  • Non-Compliant Devices: Lists devices that don’t meet compliance criteria such as whether the device is jailbroken, the OS version running, and if the device has a passcode.

You can export the data in each table in .csv format, which you can open by using programs like Microsoft Excel. You can export the chart for each report in PDF format.

To generate a report

  1. In the XenMobile console, click Analyze > Reporting. The Reporting page appears.
  2. Click the report that you want to generate.

    Image of report generation

To view more details of a report

  1. Click the areas of the chart to drill down and see more detailed information.

    Image of report details

To sort, filter, or search a table column, click the column heading

Image of report column sorting, filtering, and searching

To filter the report by date

  1. Click a column heading to view the filter settings.

    Image of report filter by date

  2. From Filter Condition, choose how you want to restrict the dates reported.

    Image of report filter by date

  3. Use the date chooser to specify dates.

    Image of report filter by date

  4. A column with a date filter displays as shown the following example.

    Image of report filter by date

  5. To remove a filter, click the column heading and then click Remove Filter

    Image of removing a filter

To export a chart or table

  • To export the chart in PDF format, click Actions then Export graph as PDF.
  • To export the table data in CSV format, click Actions then Export data as CVS.

Image of exporting a chart or table


Although it is possible to use SQL Server to create custom reports, Citrix doesn’t recommend this method. Citrix doesn’t publish the schema and can change the schema without notification. If you do decide to pursue this method of reporting, make sure that SQL queries are run using a read-only account. A query with multiple JOINs that takes some time to run impacts XenMobile Server performance during that time.