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Device Health Attestation device policy

In XenMobile, you can require Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices to report the state of their health by having those devices send specific data and runtime information to the Health Attestation Service (HAS) for analysis. The HAS creates and returns a Health Attestation Certificate that the device then sends to XenMobile. When XenMobile receives the Health Attestation Certificate, based on the contents of the Health Attestation Certificate, it can deploy automatic actions that you have set up previously.

The data verified by the HAS are:

  • AIK Present
  • BitLocker Status
  • Boot Debugging Enabled
  • Boot Manager Rev List Version
  • Code Integrity Enabled
  • Code Integrity Rev List Version
  • Apple Deployment Program Policy
  • ELAM Driver Loaded
  • Issued At
  • Kernel Debugging Enabled
  • PCR
  • Reset Count
  • Restart Count
  • Safe Mode Enabled
  • SBCP Hash
  • Secure Boot Enabled
  • Test Signing Enabled
  • VSM Enabled
  • WinPE Enabled

For more information, refer to the Microsoft Device HealthAttestation CSP page.

To add or configure this policy, go to Configure > Device Policies. For more information, see Device policies.

To configure DHA using Microsoft Cloud

Add a Device Health Attestation policy and configure this setting for each platform that you choose:

  • Enable Device Health Attestation: Select whether to require Device Health Attestation. The default is Off.

To configure DHA using an on-premises Windows DHA server

To enable DHA on-premises, you first configure a DHA server. Then you create a XenMobile Server policy to enable the on-premises DHA service.

  1. To configure a DHA server, you install the DHA server role on a machine running Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5 or later. For instructions, see Configure an on-premises Device Heath Attestation server.

  2. Add a Device Health Attestation policy and configure these settings:

    • Enable Device Health Attestation: Set to On.

    • Configure On-prem Health Attestation Service: Set to On.

    • On-prem DHA Service FQDN: Type the fully qualified domain name of the DHA server that you set up.

    • On-prem DHA API version: Select the version of the DHA service installed on the DHA server.

Device Health Attestation device policy