Release Notes for XenMobile Server 10.13 Rolling Patch 3 Release

These release notes describe enhancements and fixed and known issues for XenMobile Server 10.13 Rolling Patch 3.

What’s New

Secure Hub APNs certificate renewal. The Secure Hub Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) certificate for XenMobile Server 10.13 expires on June 17, 2021. This update renews the Secure Hub APNs certificate, which will expire on May 7, 2022. [CXM-94070]

Alternate port for APNs notifications. XenMobile Server now supports using port 2197 as an alternative to port 443. You use port 2197 to send APNs notifications to, and receive feedback from api.push.apple.com. The port uses the HTTP/2-based APNs provider API. The default value of the server property apns.http2.alternate.port.enabled is false. To use the alternate port, update the server property and then restart the server. [CXM-93911]

Fixed Issues

Right after enrolling a device running macOS 10.14+, the device properties don’t always populate in the XenMobile Server console. After the device restarts, the device properties appear as expected. [CXM-94150]

If you enable both the Enable system apps and Disable applications settings for the same app in the Restrictions policy, the app appears in the work profile. [CXM-94097]

When you add SNMP users to the XenMobile Server console, the users don’t appear under the SNMP Monitoring Users list or the SNMP agents become inactive. [CXM-93199]

On the XenMobile Server, the NetScaler Gateway connectivity checks don’t display a result. [CXM-93134]

On the XenMobile Server console, the correct root certificate expiration date is not displayed. [CXM-93133]

Release Notes for XenMobile Server 10.13 Rolling Patch 3 Release