The announcements in this article are intended to give you advanced notice of the XenMobile Server features that are being phased out. We provide this information so that you can make timely business decisions. Citrix monitors customer use and feedback to determine when they are withdrawn. Announcements can change in subsequent releases and might not include every deprecated feature or functionality. For details about product lifecycle support, see the Product Lifecycle Support Policy article.

Deprecations and removals

The following list shows the XenMobile Server features that are deprecated or removed.

Deprecated items are not removed immediately. Citrix continues to support a deprecated item until removing it in a future release.

Removed items are either removed, or are no longer supported, in XenMobile Server.

For information about the mobile productivity apps that reached End of Life, see EOL and deprecated apps.

Item Description Deprecation announced Removed Alternative
Knox Mobile Enrollment (legacy DA) Deprecated support for Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) in the legacy Device Administrator mode on all Android versions. May 4, 2021 Target: June 30, 2021 Use KME to enroll in Android Enterprise mode. Android 8, 9, 10, 11 support Android Enterprise.
Citrix mobility apps and Workspace apps for Android 7.x and iOS 12.x Deprecated support for the Android 7.x and iOS 12.x versions of Secure Hub, Secure Mail, Secure Web, and Citrix Workspace app. April 2021 Target: June 2021 Use, at a minimum, the current and prior version of each major operating system platform. Older devices remain enrolled. However, Citrix doesn’t test or support the legacy devices.
Derived credentials Deprecated support for derived credentials and the Citrix Derived Credentials Manager app. March 25, 2021 Target: Q2 2021 See iOS for a list of authentication types supported for iOS.
Internet Explorer 11 Deprecated support of Internet Explorer use with the XenMobile Server console. January 2021 January 2021 Use the latest version of these web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari
RSA soft token support for Android Deprecated support for the direct import of RSA soft tokens into Secure Hub for Android. January 2021 February 2021 You can import the RSA soft token inside the RSA secure ID app available in Google Play. You can then use the token for Citrix Gateway authentication.
Android - Sony Deprecated support for Android Sony devices and Sony-specific policies. January 2021 February 2021 Use Android Enterprise
Android - HTC Deprecated support for Android HTC devices and HTC-specific policies. January 2021 February 2021 Use Android Enterprise
Third party component of the XenMobile dashboard We will deprecate a third party component used as part of the XenMobile dashboard. December 2020 January 2021 To continue using the dashboard, upgrade to XenMobile 10.12 or later
Apps published for the legacy Device Administrator mode on Android Enterprise devices We no longer deliver apps published for the legacy DA platform to devices enrolled in Android Enterprise. October 2020 November 2020 For Android Enterprise devices, publish apps for the Android Enterprise platform. To continue to publish legacy DA apps to devices in DA mode, create a separate delivery group for those apps.
APNs outgoing ports Apple support for the APNs legacy binary protocol ends as of March 31, 2021. Apple recommends that you use the HTTP/2-based APNs provider API instead. As part of this change, we are deprecating support for ports 2195 and 2196, used to send APNs notifications to *.push.apple.com. October 2020 Target: April 2021 Use port 443 or 2197 instead. See Open XenMobile ports to manage devices.
Samsung SEAMS container Deprecated support for the Samsung SEAMS container. June 2020 August 2020 Use the Samsung Knox Service Plug-in (KSP) app for Android Enterprise. See Add the Knox service plug-in app.
Self-signed Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates Deprecated support for self-signed SSL certificates for all device platforms. May 2020   Replace your existing self-signed certificate with a trusted SSL certificate from a well-known certificate authority (CA).
Certificate-based authentication signature algorithms (non-FIPS and weak ciphers) Deprecated support for the following signature algorithms: SHA1withRSA, SHA224withRSA, SHA1withECDSA, SHA224withECDSA, SHA1withDSA, RIPEMD160withRSA, RIPEMD128withRSA, RIPEMD256withRSA. May 2020 January 2021 When you create a CSR for a credential provider in the XenMobile console (Settings > Credential Providers > Certificate Signing Request), choose a stronger cipher.
Database servers Deprecated support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 R2 and earlier and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP4 and earlier. May 2020 August 2020 Update the system to one of the following supported versions: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP3, Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP2, Microsoft SQL Server 2017 CU 13, or Microsoft SQL Server 2019 CTP 3.2. See the list of supported servers in System requirements and compatibility.
Hypervisors Deprecated support for Citrix XenServer 6.5.x and earlier, VMware ESXi 5.5 Update 3 and earlier, and Hyper-V 2012. May 2020 August 2020 Update the system to one of the following supported versions: Citrix Hypervisor 8.0 and later, Citrix XenServer 7.0 and later, VMware (ESXi 6.0, ESXi 6.5.0 Update 3, ESXi 6.7 Update 2 patch 10, or ESXi 7.0), or Hyper-V (Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019).
Citrix Launcher Deprecated support for the Citrix Launcher app. May 2020 August 2020 (remove from the app store) Provision devices as kiosks (dedicated devices). For more information, see Citrix Launcher replacement.
Citrix mobility apps and Workspace apps for Android 6.x and iOS 11.x Deprecated support for the Android 6.x and iOS 11.x versions of Secure Hub, Secure Mail, Secure Web, and Citrix Workspace app. April 2020 June 2020 Use, at a minimum, the current and prior version of each major operating system platform.
MDX Toolkit and MDX Service Deprecated support for the MDX Toolkit and MDX Service in favor of the Mobile App Management (MAM) SDK. During the transition period, you can use both MDX wrapped apps and MAM SDK developed apps. March 2020 Target: March 2022 (for MDX Toolkit) and September 2021 (for MDX Service) To continue managing your enterprise applications, use the MAM SDK.
MDX: Alternative Gateway Server Deprecated step-up authentication for iOS and Android devices. March 2020 Target: September 2021 No alternative
MDX: Micro VPN (full tunnel mode) Deprecated a full virtual private network (VPN) tunnel for iOS and Android devices. March 2020 Target: September 2021 Use the MAM SDK Web SSO mode or create a per-app VPN policy with the Citrix SSO connection type.
MDX: PAC file support Deprecated support for a Proxy Automatic Configuration (PAC) file with a full VPN tunnel deployment for iOS and Android devices. March 2020 Target: September 2021 Use Citrix Gateway to connect through a proxy server for access to internal networks.
MDX shared device support Deprecated shared device support for MDX apps. March 2020 Target: September 2021 For Android Enterprise, use shared device support for MDM. For iOS, use Apple School Manager or GroundControl.
New Device Administrator enrollments for Android 10 Deprecated support for new enrollments or re-enrollments into the legacy Device Administrator mode on Android 10 devices. Already enrolled devices continue to work. February 2020 September 2020 Enroll new Android 10+ devices into Android Enterprise.
Legacy Device Administrator mode for Android 10 devices Google deprecated some Device Administrator APIs. Citrix doesn’t support Android 10 devices enrolled into Device Administrator mode as of the upgrade to Citrix Secure Hub that targets Android API level 29. February 2020 November 2020 Migrate Android 10 devices to Android Enterprise.
MDX encryption Deprecated MDX encryption and the MDX encryption feature in the XenMobile console. October 2019 September 2020 Enable iOS or Android platform encryption using our Encryption Management feature with added compliance checking. Ensure you have tested and planned for migration off MDX encryption by July 2020.
Passcode device policy: The No Restrictions setting for Android Enterprise Android Enterprise devices running Android 7 or higher only support a passcode created with character restrictions. If you previously set Required characters to No Restrictions, this update changes that value to Numbers only. February 2019 April 2019 This change doesn’t affect the current user sign-in experience.
Remote Support Deprecated the Remote Support client for clustered on-premises XenMobile Server deployments. January 2019 August 2020 No alternative
Secure Hub Network Extensions for iOS Deprecated the Network Extension framework that allowed you to customize networking features for iOS devices, as of Secure Hub release 20.3.0. October 2018 March 2020 No alternative
TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 To improve the security of XenMobile, Citrix now blocks any communication over Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1. As a result of its weakening security, the PCI Council is deprecating TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1. June 2018 March 2019 Upgrade to TLS 1.2.
Windows Mobile/CE Deprecated support for Windows Mobile/CE devices. April 2018 September 2020 Use Windows 10 Desktop and Laptop.
Android TouchDown DigiCert stopped supporting Android TouchDown. Citrix will remove the Android TouchDown platform page from the Exchange device policy. July 2018 2021 Recommendation: Use Citrix Secure Mail.