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Oct 12, 2015

Tests whether the supplied service instances are responding to requests.


Test-ConfigServiceInstanceAvailability [-ServiceInstance] <ServiceInstance[]> [-MaxDelaySeconds <Int32>] [-ForceWaitForOneOfEachType] [-AdminAddress <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description



The service instances to test.

Required? true
Default Value  
Accept Pipeline Input? true (ByValue)


The timeout period to wait before concluding that services are unresponsive.

Required? false
Default Value Infinite
Accept Pipeline Input? false


If at least one of each type of service responds, finish immediately.

Required? false
Default Value  
Accept Pipeline Input? false


Specifies the host name or IP address of the controller to which the PowerShell snap-in connects.

Required? false
Default Value 'LocalHost'. Once a value is specified by any command, this value becomes the new default.
Accept Pipeline Input? false

Return Values


This represents a service instance and has the following parameters;

ServiceGroupUid <Guid>

The unique identifer for the service group to which the service instance belongs.

ServiceGroupName <string>

The name of the service group that the service instance is part of.

ServiceInstanceUid <Guid>

The unique identifier for the service instance.

ServiceType <string>

The type of the service group.

Address <string>

The contact address for the service instance.

Binding <string>

The binding to use for connections to the service instance.

Version <int>

The version of the service instance.

ServiceAccount <string>

The AD computer account for the computer that is providing the service instance.

ServiceAccountSid <string>

The AD computer account SID for the computer that is providing the service instance.

InterfaceType <string>

The interface type for the service instance.

Metadata <Citrix.Configuration.Sdk.Metadata[]>

The metadata for the service instance.

Status <Citrix.Configuration.Sdk.Commands.Availability>

An enumeration value indicating whether the service is Responding, NotResponding, Unknown, or BadBindingType.

ResponseTime <System.TineSpan>

The interval elapsed between hailing the service and getting a definite response


The Availability Status Codes are o Responding: Got a positive response o NotResponding: Got a response, but it was negative or the connection was refused o Unknown: Did not respond in time / timed-out o BadBindingType: Binding parameter in ServiceInstance is not wcf_HTTP_kerb


-------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------

C:\>Get-ConfigRegisteredServiceInstance | Test-ConfigServiceInstanceAvailability -ForceWaitForOneOfEachType

Test all the service instances that are registered in the Configuration Service, returning when one of each type is responding.

-------------------------- EXAMPLE 2 --------------------------

C:\>Test-ConfigServiceInstanceAvailability -ServiceInstance $services -MaxDelaySeconds 5

Test each of the given services, allowing a 5 second time-out.