What’s new in Global App Configuration service

The following sections list the new features in current and earlier releases for the Global App Configuration service.

July 02, 2024

Plug-in Manager is available for Microsoft Teams

Starting with Citrix Workspace app for Windows version 2405, administrators can now optimize the audio and video for calls and meetings using the Microsoft Teams VDI plug-in manager. This enhancement provides improved performance and user experience during virtual meetings. The installation and configuration of the Microsoft Teams VDI plug-in manager can be managed through the Global App Configuration service. This Plug-in Manager, in turn, installs and manages the Microsoft Teams Optimization plug-in (VDI 2.0 or Slimcore engine) on the end-user’s device.

For more information, see Microsoft Teams VDI Plug-in Management.

June 04, 2024

Clone settings across stores, channels, and configuration profiles

Administrators can now clone settings across stores, channels, and configuration profiles through Global App Configuration service using a new feature called Clone Settings. This feature allows you to duplicate existing settings instead of going through the entire configuration process again. Consequently, it saves a lot of time and effort, resulting in better productivity and streamlined workflows.

For more information on configuring this feature, see Clone settings across stores, channels, and configuration profiles.

May 07, 2024

Manage settings for user groups using configuration profile (Preview)

With the release of Citrix Workspace app version 2402 for Mac and Windows, you now can manage settings for user groups using Configuration profile in Global App Configuration service (GACS). A configuration profile is used to identify a collection of user groups. It allows you to manage settings for specific user groups rather than applying them to all users accessing the store. To do so, you can create a configuration profile and add the desired user groups to it. You can then choose the configuration profile, assign settings, and publish them to apply specific experiences to different user groups..

For more information on configuring settings for configuration profile , see Manage settings for user group using configuration profile.


This feature is currently applicable for cloud stores on the Windows and Mac platforms. The support for other platforms will soon be available.

Apr 11, 2024

Improvements in Global App Configuration service

With the release of Citrix Workspace app version 2402 for Windows and Mac, we have enhanced Global App Configuration service (GACS) in the following areas:

Settings are secured with user authentication

GACS now serves settings in two stages. Citrix Workspace app initially fetches certain settings that need to be applied before user authentication, and the rest of the settings are applied after the successful authentication.

This capability paves the way for an upcoming GACS feature that gives you the ability to configure settings for a user based on the user group to which that user belongs.


The authenticated GACS is currently available only for Workspace stores. The support for StoreFront stores will soon be available.

Discovery improvements

Citrix Workspace app now has the improved ability to discover and configure settings for various user inputs. Users can now start using the app with either an email address, domain name or store URL. Based on the user input, GACS discovers the associated store URLs and adds all of them.

Previously, when you map multiple store URLs to a domain and configure GACS settings for more than one of the store URLs, users were unable to add any store to Citrix Workspace app because it discovers multiple stores. However, starting with the 2402 release, this limitation is removed.


Starting with Citrix workspace app for Windows 2402 and Mac 2402, you can add more than one GACS-enabled store. The store that you add first takes the precedence in assigning value to the settings, and subsequent stores inherit the behavior determined by the first store. In the upcoming release, we’re introducing a setting for administrators that allows you to manage whether a store can be added to Citrix Workspace app as a single store or as part of multiple stores. In the meantime, if you wish to enable this setting, contact Citrix Support.

Full StoreFront URL support

GACS has the added flexibility to configure different settings for StoreFront URLs with a common FQDN. Let’s take the examples of the stores https://mywork.acme.com/Citrix/StoreFTE and https://mywork.acme.com/Citrix/StorePartner. Previously, you could configure settings only at https://mywork.acme.com (FQDN) level, which didn’t provide the flexibility to configure different settings for each of the stores: StoreFTE and StorePartner.

Mar 18, 2024

Additional settings for Citrix Enterprise Browser

Global App Configuration service (GACS) has new settings to configure Citrix Enterprise Browser that allow you to manage the following actions:

  • Autofill suggestions for the addresses
  • Autofill suggestions for credit card information
  • Launch an external application without prompting the user
  • Display the security warnings when potentially dangerous command-line flags are used to launch the browser.
  • Manage the default cookie setting
  • Manage the default pop-up setting
  • Install the extensions, apps, and themes to the browser
  • Suppress the warnings for any suspected lookalike domains in the browser
  • Allows the websites to check saved payment methods
  • Manage the saving of the browser history
  • Manage the search suggestion in the browser’s address bar
  • Export a bookmark
  • Create an ephemeral profile when users sign in to the Enterprise Browser

For more information about the settings, see Manage Citrix Enterprise Browser through Global App Configuration service in the Citrix Enterprise Browser product documentation.

Jan 18, 2024

Manage plug-ins using Global App Configuration service

The Global App Configuration service provides a centralized platform that helps you configure installation and update settings for plug-ins. You can distribute plug-in settings across both managed and unmanaged devices. To configure plug-in settings, navigate to the Updates and Plug-ins category under Workspace Configuration > App Configuration on the cloud portal. For more information, see Plug-in management.

Updates category

You can configure the following plug-ins:

Nov 21, 2023

Manage Citrix Workspace app version

As an admin, you can now manage auto-update or version settings for Citrix Workspace app from a centralized platform. You can customize your settings for both CR (Current Release) and LTSR (Long Term Service Release) versions. You can set up a rule that updates your end users automatically to the latest version, whenever a new version is available. If you do not want to update to the latest version, you can also specify a preferred version that the end users must update to for optimal results.

The Citrix Workspace App Version setting can be customized for Windows and Mac platforms from the Updates and Plug-Ins section. For more information, see Manage Citrix Workspace app versions.


Oct 30, 2023

Configure settings for on-premises stores

You can now use the Global App Configuration service UI to configure settings for on-premises stores. Sign in to your Citrix Cloud account and navigate to Workspace Configuration > App Configuration to get started.


If you don’t have a Citrix Cloud account yet, go to the Citrix Onboarding page to create one.

Before proceeding, verify that you’ve established a claim to your StoreFront URL. If you’ve claimed your StoreFront URL, see the Configure settings section for more information.

Claimed URL

If you haven’t claimed your StoreFront URL yet, you can claim it. For that, click Claim URL under the App Configuration section to claim your URL. For more information, see Get started with configuration.

Claim URL

Sep 28, 2023

Simplified settings categorization for easy navigation

The Global App Configuration service UI has been enhanced to deliver a user-friendly categorization of settings. The settings have been categorized based on end-user workflows and topics, comprising seven primary folders and multiple subfolders. This clutter-free organization makes it easier for admins to navigate among 300+ settings.

new subcategories

Jul 28, 2023

View summary of configured settings

Admins can now view a summary of the current configuration by clicking the View configured settings button. This eliminates the need to expand and review each setting separately. A consolidated list of all the configured settings allows admins to perform a comprehensive review of the current configuration and gauge the user impact.

GACS unsaved settings

Jun 07, 2023

Review unsaved changes

With this enhancement, admins can perform a final review of their unsaved changes before publishing the configuration. The number of unsaved settings is displayed on the UI and admins can access this list by clicking the Review unsaved setting(s) option. This enables admins to make informed changes and maintain data accuracy.

GACS unsaved settings

Admins can also navigate to an unsaved setting by clicking the arrow.

GACS unsaved settings

Enhanced user interface

Admins can now view the status of each setting without expanding it.The following tags are now displayed to facilitate informed decision making at every step.

  • Configured: Displays the number of platforms (client OS) for which the setting has already been configured.

  • Unsaved: Displays the number of settings that are configured but not yet saved

GACS tags

May 23, 2023

Enhanced search capabilities

With this enhancement, the search experience has been enhanced to provide a robust and seamless experience. Admins can now sign in to the cloud portal and locate the required settings on the App Configuration page with ease. They can use the following search methods.

  • Search using setting description Admins can also locate settings by entering keywords found within the setting’s description. This allows for a more flexible search approach, utilizing relevant terms associated with the desired setting.

  • Search using API setting name Admins have the option to search for settings by entering the corresponding API setting name. This method allows for a more precise and targeted search, enabling users to quickly find the specific setting they require.

View applicable platforms for each setting

Each setting now dynamically displays only those platforms to which it is relevant and applicable. This intelligent filtering ensures that users are presented with a concise and tailored list of options, eliminating unnecessary clutter and confusion.

GACS applicable settings

What’s new in Global App Configuration service