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Sep 20, 2016

The following new features are part of this release of the Linux VDA.

USB redirection

This release provides support for USB redirection. With this functionaliy, USB devices are shared between Citrix Receiver and the Linux VDA desktop. Once a USB device is redirected to the desktop, users can use the USB device as if it were locally connected.  See Configuring USB redirection for more information.

Support for non-seamless published apps

In this release, support was added for non-seamless published applications and session sharing. This functionality does not require additional installation steps, and no special settings are required for published apps. For more information, refer to Publishing applications.

Anonymous login

Anonymous login allows anonymous user to logon to the Linux VDA without authentication. An anonymous session doesn’t have a disconnected state, every disconnection causes logoff which clears the environment for user-specific information. See Configure anonymous sessions for more information. 

Group policy

Linux VDA Group Policy supports Citrix studio policy, which can be configured by Citrix Studio. The Linux VDA does not have the same policies as Window. For more information about the policy list for Linux VDA, refer to Configure policies.

Dependency changes

At this release, new dependencies have been added for group policy. Verify the list below according to the Linux distribution used:


command Copy

sudo yum -y install openldap

sudo yum -y install libxml2

sudo yum -y install cyrus-sasl

sudo yum -y install cyrus-sasl-gssapi


command Copy

sudo zypper install openldap2

sudo zypper install libxml2

sudo zypper install cyrus-sasl

sudo zypper install cyrus-sasl-gssapi