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Upgrading a Provisioning Services target device vDisk using in-place upgrade

Use the information contained in this article to upgrade a PVS target device vDisk using the in-place upgrade method.


This upgrade procedure can only be used for Provisioning Services target devices using version 7.6.1 and newer.


For Provisioning Services 7.6.1 and newer, the target being upgraded must have been installed using the PVS target install method, and not upgraded using binary replacement.

Boot a target device into private image mode or a maintenance version

Use the information in this section to boot a target device in either private image mode, or to boot in maintenance mode.


Before booting from private image mode, Citrix recommends that you backup the vDisk before attempting an upgrade.

Boot in private image mode

1.  Shutdown all other devices.

localized image

2.  Set the vDisk that you want to upgrade to private image mode:

a.  Open the vDisk’s properties dialog by right clicking the vDisk, and choose Properties.

b.  From the Access mode group, select Private Image (single device, read/write access):

localized image

3.  Boot a target device using that vDisk:

localized image

Boot in maintenance mode

1.  Right click the standard mode vDisk and choose the option Versions… to open the vDisk Versions screen.

2.  Click the New button (in the upper right portion of the interface) to create a maintenance vDisk version:

localized image

3.  Set a target device that is using that vDisk to maintenance mode by right clicking on the target, then choose the Properties option.

4.  Choose Maintenance from the drop-down menu for the property type:

localized image

5.  Boot a target device using the specified vDisk version.

6.  Choose option 1 from the boot menu that appears when booting the target device:

localized image

7.  The PVS status tray of the device should resemble:

localized image


The virtual disk’s name should be followed by a .x where x is greater than or equal to 1 and the extension should be .avhdx or .avhd.

Upgrade PVS target device software

After booting a device into private image mode or a maintenance version, use the information in this section to upgrade the PVS target device software.

To upgrade PVS target device software:

  1. Log into the target device using local administrator login credentials.
  2. Copy the PVS_Device.exe or PVS_Device_x64.exe to the target device.
  3. Right click the installer and choose Run as administrator.
  4. Run the installer and choose all the options as you would install a fresh version.
  5. Click Finish to begin the upgrade.
  6. Shutdown the target device.
  7. Open the vDisk version interface (refer to step 1 above). 
  8. Click Promote to promote the vDisk to either a test or production version:

localized image


The New button should be greyed out and inaccessible.

a.  Test version - This should be used to verify the vDisk is fully operational before promoting it to the production version.

b.  Production version - This represents the version used by all users in a full roll out of the vDisk to the production environment.

Upgrading a Provisioning Services target device vDisk using in-place upgrade