Session Recording service


  • The Session Recording service is available for provisioning in the Asia Pacific South (APS), EU, and US regions of Citrix Cloud. For more information, see Citrix Cloud Geographical Considerations.
  • For information about the Session Recording service customer data storage, retention, and control, see Customer data management.
  • The Session Recording service doesn’t send data to Citrix Analytics for Security (CAS). On-premises Session Recording servers can send data to CAS. For more information, see Connect to Session Recording deployment in the Citrix Analytics for Security documentation.


Session Recording is a key differentiator for security in Citrix DaaS (formerly the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service). A common challenge that prevents you from benefiting from Session Recording is the solution’s deployment and management complexity. The introduction of the Session Recording service provides an advanced administration experience and simplifies deployment.

The Session Recording service is a management platform that provides comprehensive automation, faster troubleshooting, and informative insights. It facilitates administrative tasks by providing a unified entry point to manage and observe the Session Recording servers across your organization.

The following diagram illustrates how the Session Recording service works.

The Session Record service diagram


With versions 7.40.13020.11 and later of the cloud client, you need to only open a single port (TCP port 443) for communication. With a cloud client earlier than version 7.40.13020.11, allow the outbound ports 80, 443, 8088, and 9090–9094 for session recording traffic. For more information, see Ports.

Video about the Session Recording service:

Video about the Session Recording service

Service features and functionality

You can use the Session Recording service to perform the following actions:

  • Connect both on-premises and cloud-deployed Session Recording servers to the Session Recording service
  • Install Session Recording servers from within the cloud
  • Query and play recordings from the connected Session Recording servers
  • Configure settings on the connected Session Recording servers
  • Configure session recording, event detection, and event response policies for a specific site
  • Configure playback permissions
  • Place and remove access restrictions on recordings
  • Archive and delete recordings automatically on a regular schedule
  • View event visualization reports and leave comments about recordings
  • View data points related to each recorded session
  • Gain insights into your system through the Session Recording management dashboard


Prerequisites for using the Session Recording service:

  • You have subscribed to Citrix DaaS.
  • You have a Session Recording 1912 LTSR, 2203, or later deployment in place.

    For information on how to install the Session Recording components, see the installation article.

Session Recording service