Product Documentation

To enable auto discovery for client enrollment

Apr 15, 2015

Auto discovery simplifies the enrollment process for your users by enabling them to enroll their devices using their corporate email addresses and passwords rather than being required to enter details of the Device Manager server.

Auto discovery requires that you send Citrix Ops some specific Device Manager deployment information. Once Citrix receives this information, when your users enroll their devices, Citrix can extract your server domain information and map that to an MDM server address so that the user has only to enter their Microsoft Active Directory password to enroll. This information is maintained in the Citrix XenMobile database so that it's always accessible and available.

  1. Open a Technical Support case using the Citrix Support portal and provide the following information.
    • Your domain name.
    • Your Device Manager server host name.
    • The Device Manager instance name. For cloud-hosted versions of Device Manager, this is the instance name you chose during registration. In the case of on-premise installations, this value is usually zdm or xdm.
    • Optionally, an email address for your Device Manager administrator.
    • The port being used for iOS enrollment if you changed this from the default port 8443.
    • The port through which the Device Manager server accepts connections if you changed this from the default port 443.
  2. When this information has been recorded by the Citrix Ops team, you will receive an email confirming that your users can start enrolling with auto discovery.