XenMobile Server Current Release

XenMobile Server is an on-premises enterprise mobility management solution that offers mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM).

The mobile productivity apps are productivity and communication apps that are offered as a part of the XenMobile solution. For information about the mobile productivity apps, see mobile productivity apps.

The cloud service version of XenMobile Server is called Citrix Endpoint Management. For information specific to the XenMobile cloud offering, see Citrix Endpoint Management.

Tip: XenMobile Migration Service

If you’re using XenMobile Server on premises, our XenMobile Migration Service can get you started with Endpoint Management. Migration from XenMobile Server to Citrix Endpoint Management doesn’t require you to re-enroll devices.

For more information, contact your local Citrix salesperson, Systems Engineer, or Citrix Partner. These blogs discuss the XenMobile Migration Service:

New XenMobile Migration Service

Making the Case for XenMobile in the Cloud

For the XenMobile Server and apps, Citrix supports the current and prior version of XenMobile, including Rolling Patches. For all security related fixes, you must upgrade to the latest version of XenMobile Server. For a list of new features, known issues, and fixed issues in the current and prior versions of XenMobile Server, see:

For PDFs of the documentation for all versions earlier than the most recent version, see the Archive List of Legacy Documents.

XenMobile 9. This version reached the End of Life (EOL) lifecycle status as of June 30, 2017. When a product release reaches EOL, you can use the product within the terms of your product licensing agreement, but the available support options are limited. Historical information appears in the Knowledge Center or other online resources. The documentation is no longer updated and is provided on an as-is basis. For more information about product lifecycle milestones, see the Product Matrix.

For five years beyond the EOL date, you can download a PDF of the XenMobile 9 documentation from the Archive List of Legacy Documents.

For information about moving from XenMobile 9 to XenMobile Service via Citrix Cloud, see this Citrix.com blog.


For important information about upgrades, see What’s new.

To perform the upgrade, you use the latest 10.12 binary available on the Citrix Download page.

For more information about upgrading from XenMobile 10.11.x or 10.10.x, see Upgrade.

To install the latest release of XenMobile Server, see Install and configure.

XenMobile Server Current Release