Known issues

XenMobile 10.9 includes the following known issues.

For known issues related to mobile productivity apps, see the page for each app at Secure Hub, Secure Mail, and Secure Web.

Enrollment invitations to macOS devices refer to MACOSX instead of macOS. [CXM-32370]

RBAC administrators can assign the default admin role to new or existing users. Assigning the default admin role should be restricted to super admins. [CXM-37805]

If XenMobile Server is installed in Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) mode, you can switch to Microsoft Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver with SQL Authentication. Switching to JDBC driver with Windows Authentication fails. [CXM-42619]

If the SQL server is deployed in a child domain or if a child domain database login is used: Microsoft Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) with Windows Authentication fails. [CXM-42969]

On the Configure > Device Policies and Configure > Apps pages: When you sort the lists by the Type column, the items don’t appear in the correct order. [CXM-43565]

When using the Analyze > Reporting page in Safari, you can’t export a graph as a PDF. [CXM-45716]

When you upload the latest Chrome .apk file ( to XenMobile from Configure > Apps, this message appears: 500 Server Internal Error. [CXM-45722]

Over-the-air enrollment for macOS devices is supported only in Safari and Chrome browsers. [CXM-45872]

XenMobile Server 10.7 and 10.8 aren’t compatible with Remote PostgreSQL 10.1.3. Use Remote PostgreSQL 9.5.1 or 9.5.11 instead. [CXM-46253]

XenMobile doesn’t support management of self-hosted applications for Android for Work. Please note that this issue is not new in XenMobile Server 10.8. Changes made by Google break all new and existing servers for this feature. [CXM-46413]

While using QR code for Android Enterprise enrollment , at the point of NFC bumping on factory reset device, WPA2 security authentication (Wi-Fi) is not working. [CXM-51621]

After you import the XenMobile Server 10.8 or 10.9 image into VMware ESXi 6.7 or 6.5 Update 2: After you restart the VM, the configuration app doesn’t start, XenMobile Server goes into recovery mode, and the IP settings are cleared. To work around this issue, build a new VM with a VMXNET3 NIC, then join that VM to the database of the VM that went into recovery mode. [CXM-54581]

On non-default XenMobile installations, Apple DEP enrollment fails. [CXM-55010]

XenMobile Server upgrade to is failing in XenCenter. [CXM-55052]

When renewing a certificate authority for macOS devices, if the renewal fails, the CA renewal status is inconsistent. [CXM-55079]

On a server cluster, if you generate a new certificate authority (CA) on a node, you can’t activate the default CA on any other node. [CXM-55293]

For Android devices, when a certificate renewal does not succeed or is cancelled, checking the Delivery Group logs shows that the enrollment certificate renewal completed successfully. [CXM-55352]

On setups with SHA1 encryption enabled, enrollment with iOS 12 devices fails. For more information, see [CXM-55908]


Known issues

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