Known issues

XenMobile 10.12 includes the following known issues.

  • The Content Collaboration administrator account logon created in Configure > Content Collaboration doesn’t work for user account provisioning. To work around this issue: Leave the User account provisioning setting disabled and use the Content Collaboration User Management Tool for user provisioning. See Provision user accounts and distribution groups. [XMHELP-2867]
  • When you distribute media to iOS 13 devices using Apple volume purchase, the deployment fails. The media appears in the user’s iBook library, and the license displays as consumed in the XenMobile console. However, the file doesn’t download automatically. This third-party issue is Apple bug #FB7564466. [CXM-77411]
  • After configuring Citrix Content Collaboration with a ShareFile URL in the XenMobile console, clicking the Test Connection button results in an error. To resolve this issue, disable multi-factor authentication for ShareFile. Learn more about this issue and the workaround on this support page. [CXM-79240]

  • For known issues related to mobile productivity apps, see Secure Hub, Secure Mail, and Secure Web.

  • For known issues in version 10.11.0 rolling patch release, see:

Known issues