Known issues

XenMobile 10.10 includes the following known issues.

  • For known issues related to mobile productivity apps, see Secure Hub, Secure Mail, and Secure Web.

  • For known issues in version 10.9.0 rolling patch releases, see:

  • When you provide a non-numeric value or empty double quotes for property name in the pki.xml file, the XenMobile Server boots to the recovery mode. [CXM-60545]
  • In Android Enterprise devices that are already enrolled, the new required apps to the AllUsers delivery group are not displayed in Google Play Store. [CXM-64910]
  • Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) apps don’t import into XenMobile Server. This issue occurred after Apple changed the URL for apps from to [CXM-68615]
  • The following error message displays when you attempt to configure a Public App by using the new app URL from the Apple Store. “Could not find the app you entered. Check the URL and try again.” Refer to the workaround in [CXM-68827]