Product Documentation

Known issues

Oct 06, 2017

XenMobile 10.7 includes the following known issues.

For known issues related to XenMobile Apps, see Known issues.

Enrollment invitations to macOS devices refer to MACOSX instead of macOS. [CXM-32370]

Devices running iOS 11 might fail to enroll in Secure Hub when TLS 1.2 is not enabled in NetScaler, and when XenMobile is configured with either:

  • LDAP and certificate authentication
  • Certificate authentication
  • Certificate authentication plus security token [CXM-33327]

After a user removes a book from the iBook app, the book doesn't reinstall automatically. To download the book again, press the download icon within iBooks. [CXM-34281]

On iOS 11, installed MDX apps begins to re-install when the next deployment happens. [CXM-34896]

If you send the Enable Lost Mode security action to a supervised iOS device without Secure Hub, the Locate button doesn't appear on the device. [CXM-36106]

RBAC administrators can assign the default admin role to new or existing users. Assigning the default admin role should be restricted to super admins. [CXM-37805]

For administrators who have only the PKI Entities and Credential Providers roles in RBAC: The administrator gets logged out of the XenMobile console while adding a PKI Entity or Credential Provider. To work around this issue, add the Certificates permission to the RBAC role of the administrator. [CXM-38713]