Support bundles

To report an issue to Citrix or troubleshoot a problem, create a support bundle. Then, upload the support bundle to Citrix Insight Services (CIS).

By default, a support bundle includes a maximum of 100 backup archives of the following files. The default file size for these files is 10 MB.

  • DebugLogFile.log
  • AdminAuditLogFile.log
  • UserAuditLogFile.log
  • HibernateStats.log

When the support bundle includes 100 log archive files for each of those categories, the log file rolls over. If you configure a lower maximum number of log files, XenMobile immediately deletes the extraneous log files for that node. To configure the number of log files, go to Troubleshooting and Support > Log Settings.

To create a support bundle:

  1. In the XenMobile console, click the wrench icon in the upper right corner. The Support page appears.
  2. On the Support page, click Create Support Bundles. The Create Support Bundles page appears. If your XenMobile environment contains clustered nodes, all nodes are shown.

    Support bundle

  3. Ensure that the Support Bundle for XenMobile check box is selected.
  4. If your XenMobile environment contains clustered nodes, in Support Bundle for, you can select all the nodes or any combination of nodes from which to draw data.
  5. In Include from database, do one of the following:

    • Click No data.
    • Click Custom data. By default, all these options are selected.
      • Configuration data: Includes certificate configurations and device manager policies.
      • Delivery group data: Includes app delivery group information, containing app types and app delivery policy details.
      • Devices and user info: Includes device policies, apps, actions, and delivery groups.
    • Click All data.


    If you choose Devices and user info or All data, and this is the first support bundle you have created, the Sensitive Information Disclaimer dialog box appears. Read the disclaimer and then click Accept or Cancel. If you click Cancel, the support bundle cannot be uploaded to Citrix. If you click Accept, you can upload the support bundle to Citrix and you will not see the disclaimer the next time you create a support bundle that includes device or user data.

    Support bundle legal notice

  6. The option, Support data anonymization is turned on, indicates that the default setting is to anonymize the data. Data anonymization means that sensitive user, server, and network data is made anonymous in support bundles.

    To change this setting, click Anonymization and de-anonymization. For more information about data anonymization, see Anonymizing data in support bundles.

  7. To include support bundles from Citrix Gateway: Select the Support Bundle for NetScaler Gateway check box and then do the following:

    1. Click Add. The Add NetScaler Gateway Server dialog box appears.

      Citrix Gateway support bundle

    2. In NetScaler Gateway Management IP, type the Citrix ADC management IP address for the Citrix Gateway from which you want to draw your support bundle data.


      If you are creating a bundle from a Citrix Gateway server that is already added, the IP address is provided.

    3. In User name and Password, type the user credentials required to access the server running Citrix Gateway.


      If you are creating a bundle from a Citrix Gateway server that is already added, the user name is provided.

  8. Click Add. The new Citrix Gateway support bundle is added to the table.

  9. Repeat Step 7 to add more Citrix Gateway support bundles.

  10. Click Create. The support bundle is created and two new buttons, Upload to CIS and Download to Client, appear.

Uploading Support Bundles to Citrix Insight Services

After creating a support bundle, you can upload the bundle to Citrix Insight Services (CIS) or download the bundle to your computer.

The upload from XenMobile to CIS is through an SSL outbound connection. Open port 443 to the CIS server IP address (,, If you have a proxy for HTTPS traffic, verify that the proxy can reach the CIS server IP address.

These steps show you how to upload the bundle to CIS. You need a My Citrix ID and password to upload to CIS.

  1. On the Create Support Bundles page, click Upload to CIS. The Upload to Citrix Insight Services (CIS) dialog box appears.

  2. In User Name, type your My Citrix ID.

  3. In Password, type your My Citrix password.

  4. If you want to connect this bundle with an existing service request number, select the Associate with SR# check box and in the two new fields that appear, do the following:

    • In SR#, type the eight-digit service request number you want to associate this bundle with.
    • In SR Description, type a description of the SR.
  5. Click Upload.

    If this is the first time you have uploaded a support bundle to CIS, and you haven’t created an account on CIS through another product and accepted the Data Collection and Privacy agreement, the following dialog box appears; you must accept the agreement before the upload can begin. If you have an account on CIS and have previously accepted the agreement, the support bundle is uploaded immediately.

    Support bundle legal agreement

  6. Read the agreement and then click Agree and upload. The support bundle is uploaded.

Downloading support bundles to your computer

After you create a support bundle, you can upload the bundle to CIS or download the bundle to your computer. If you would like to troubleshoot the problem on your own, download the support bundle to your computer.

On the Create Support Bundles page, click Download to Client. The bundle is downloaded to your computer.

Support bundles