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在 XenMobile 中查看和分析日志文件

Dec 21, 2016

1. 在 XenMobile 控制台中,单击控制台右上角的扳手图标。 此时将打开支持页面。 

2. 在日志操作下,单击日志。 此时将显示日志页面。 单独的日志将显示在表格中。

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3. 选择要查看的日志:

  • 调试日志文件中包含对 Citrix 技术支持有用的信息,例如错误消息和服务器相关操作。
  • 管理员审核日志文件中包含与 XenMobile 控制台上的活动有关的审核信息。
  • 用户审核日志文件中包含与配置的用户有关的信息。

4. 使用表格顶部的操作可下载所有日志,查看、轮转或下载单个日志,或者删除选定的日志。

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  • If you select more than one log file, only Download All and Rotate are available.
  • If you have clustered XenMobile servers, you can only view the logs for the server to which you are connected. To see logs for other servers, use one of the download options.

5. Do one of the following:

  • Download All: The console downloads all the logs present on the system (including debug, admin audit, user audit, server logs, and so on).
  • View: Shows the contents of the selected log below the table.
  • Rotate: Archives the current log file and creates a new file to capture log entries. A dialog box appears when archiving a log file; click Rotate to continue.
  • Download: The console downloads only the single log file type selected; it also downloads any archived logs for that same type.
  • Delete: Permanently removes the selected log files.
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