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Samsung MDM 许可证密钥设备策略

Jan 05, 2017

XenMobile supports and extends both Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) and Samsung KNOX policies. SAFE is a family of solutions that provides security and feature enhancements for business use through integration with mobile device management solutions. Samsung KNOX is a solution within the SAFE program that provides a more secure Android platform for enterprise use. 

You must enable the SAFE APIs by deploying the built-in Samsung Enterprise License Management (ELM) key to a device before you can deploy SAFE policies and restrictions. To enable the Samsung KNOX API, you also need to purchase a Samsung KNOX Workspace license using the Samsung KNOX License Management System (KLMS), in addition to deploying the Samsung ELM key. The Samsung KLMS provisions valid licenses to mobile device management solutions to enable them to activate Samsung KNOX APIs on mobile devices. These licenses must be obtained from Samsung and are not provided by Citrix.

You must deploy Secure Hub along with the Samsung ELM key to enable the SAFE and Samsung KNOX APIs. You can verify that the SAFE APIs are enabled by checking the device properties. When the Samsung ELM key is deployed, the Samsung MDM API available setting is set to True.

1. In the XenMobile console, click Configure > Device Policies. The Device Policies page appears.

2. Click Add. The Add a New Policy dialog appears.

3. Click More and then, under Security, click Samsung MDM License Key. The Samsung MDM License Key Policy information page appears.

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4. 在策略信息窗格中,输入以下信息:

  • 策略名称:键入策略的描述性名称。
  • 说明:键入策略的可选说明。

5. 单击下一步。 此时将显示平台页面。

6. 在平台下面,选择要添加的平台。 如果只为一个平台配置,请取消选中其他平台。

完成对平台设置的配置后,请参阅步骤 7 以了解如何设置此平台的部署规则。 

配置 Samsung SAFE 设置

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  • ELM 许可证密钥:此字段应该已包含生成 ELM 许可证密钥的宏。 如果此字段为空,请键入宏 ${elm.license.key}。

Configure Samsung KNOX settings

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Configure this setting:

  • KNOX License key: Type the KNOX license key that you obtained from Samsung.
7. 配置部署规则

8. 单击下一步。 此时将显示 Samsung MDM 许可证密钥策略分配页面。

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9. 在选择交付组旁边,键入以查找交付组,或在列表中选择一个或多个要向其分配策略的交付组。 选择的组显示在右侧用于接收应用程序分配的交付组列表中。

10. 展开部署计划,然后配置以下设置:

  • 部署旁边,单击以计划部署,或单击以阻止部署。 默认选项为。 如果选择,无需配置其他选项。
  • 部署计划旁边,单击立即稍后。 默认选项为立即
  • 如果单击稍后,请单击日历图标,然后选择部署的日期和时间。
  • 部署条件旁边,单击每次连接时或单击仅当之前的部署失败时。 默认选项为每次连接时
  • 为始终启用的连接部署旁边,单击。 默认选项为


  • 已在设置 > 服务器属性中配置了计划后台部署密钥的情况下此选项适用。 始终启用选项不适用于 iOS 设备。
  • 配置的部署计划对所有平台相同。 您所做的更改适用于所有平台,为始终启用的连接部署除外,它不适用于 iOS。

11. 单击保存