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Google Play 凭据

Jan 18, 2017

XenMobile uses Google Play credentials to extract app information for the device.

To locate your Android ID, enter *#*#8255#*#* on your phone. If the code does not reveal the device ID on your device type, it may be possible to use a device ID third-party app to derive the device ID. The ID you need to retrieve is the Google Services Framework ID with the label GSF ID.


When searching for Google Play Store apps in the XenMobile console, the search returns apps based on the Android operating system of the device. For example, a Samsung S6 Edge is running an operating system version 6.0.1. When you search for apps, the only apps that appear in the search result are apps that are compatible with Android version 6.0.1.


To enable XenMobile to extract app information, you may need to configure your Gmail account to permit unsecure connections. For steps, see the Google support site.

1. In the XenMobile console, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner. The Settings page appears.

2. Under Platforms, click Google Play Credentials. The Google Play Credentials page appears.

localized image

3. 配置以下设置:

  • 用户名:键入与 Google Play 帐户关联的名称。
  • 密码:键入用户密码。
  • 设备 ID:键入 Android ID。

    请参阅本文前面的注意部分,了解有关获取 Android ID 的步骤。

3. 单击保存