• During screen sharing using Microsoft Teams optimization, the red border around the shared window does not appear.
  • When Use Hardware Encoding for Video Codec is set to Enabled in Citrix Studio, your screen might appear green during a session through an Intel vGPU VDA. [RFHTMCRM-5521]
  • In multi-monitor sessions through a Microsoft Windows 7 VDA, extended monitors might appear black. Also, the mouse cursor might not render correctly. We recommend selecting a combined display resolution of less than 4800 pixels in width and in height. [RFHTMCRM-5539]
  • The server falls back to YUV420 even when configured to Graphics-Thinwire YUV444 setting. The graphics-rich applications are limited to the YUV420 range. [RFHTMCRM-5520]
  • Single-sign on (SSO) with Google IdP (Identity provider) is not supported.