Citrix Workspace Document History

The following table describes important changes to the Citrix Workspace product documentation. To receive notifications about these updates, subscribe to the RSS feed.

Date Change Description
05 Feb 2021 Update for Workspace Configuration Subscribers can change their domain password and receive guidance for valid passwords from within Citrix Workspace: Allow Account Password to be Changed
17 Dec 2020 Service continuity is available for technical preview Service continuity allows users to connect to their virtual apps and desktops even during outages in Citrix Cloud components or in public and private clouds: Service continuity (Technical Preview).
10 Nov 2020 Update for Citrix Workspace Added content describing the subscriber experience when both Mandatory and Auto keywords are used for favoriting an app: Allow Favorites
30 Sep 2020 Update for Citrix Workspace Updated content for preferences in Workspace Configuration to reflect renaming of options in the user interface: Customize workspace preferences
19 Jun 2020 Update for Citrix Workspace Added new sections for rolling out new Workspace features, specifically Actions, Virtual Assistance, and Activity Feed: Customize rollout of new features
28 May 2020 New article for Citrix Workspace Added article for getting up and running quickly with Citrix Workspace: Get Started with Citrix Workspace
12 Feb 2020 Update for Site aggregation Added requirements for using Site aggregation with on-premises deployments that include Citrix Federated Authentication Service (FAS): Aggregate on-premises virtual apps and desktops in workspaces
12 Feb 2020 Update for Workspace Configuration Added Actions, Virtual Assistance, and Activity Feed customization option: Customize workspace features
03 Feb 2020 Updates for Network Location Service article Added TLS requirement for Workspace app for HTML 5; clarified requirements for public IP address ranges; added details for using selected commands in PowerShell script. See the article: Optimize connectivity to workspaces with the Network Location Service
12 Dec 2019 New documentation for Microapps New documentation released for Microapps for Citrix Workspace. Learn more: Microapps
11 Dec 2019 New article for Citrix Federated Authentication Service for Workspace Added new article: Enable single sign-on for workspaces with Citrix Federated Authentication Service
Citrix Workspace Document History