Workspace Environment Management

Configure file type associations

Configuring file type associations (FTA) used to be an easy task. As an administrator, you could achieve that by using scripts. However, a hash was introduced for FTA validation starting with Windows 8, making FTA configuration a pain for administrators.

You can use Workspace Environment Management (WEM) to customize FTA for a specific user or user group. For example, you can associate URL types (HTTP and HTTPS) and file types (*.htm and *.html) with Google Chrome, making it the default browser.

The configuration process includes the following steps:

  1. Create FTA actions

  2. Assign FTA actions to the target user or user group


Before you start, do the following:

  • Make sure that the agent machines have Google Chrome installed.

  • Get ProgID for Google Chrome.

    The ProgID for Google Chrome is ChromeHTML. To discover the ProgID of an installed application, use the OLE/COM Object Viewer (oleview.exe) and look for it in Object Classes/Ole 1.0 Objects. For more information about ProgID, see Programmatic identifier (ProgID).

Create FTA actions

  1. Go to Legacy Console > Advanced Settings > Configuration > Main Configuration and enable Process File Associations.

    Process File Associations

  2. Go to Legacy Console > Actions > File Associations > File Association List and click Add.

  3. In the New File Association window, type the information as follows and then click OK.

    New File Association


    In this example, the correct ProgID ChromeHTML is provided, so there is no need to fill out the following three fields: Action, Target application, and Command. However, if you can’t provide the ProgID for an installed application or the installed application doesn’t register a ProgID during installation, you must fill out the three fields. For more information, see File Associations.

Assign FTA actions to the target group

  1. Go to Legacy Console > Assignments > Action Assignment and then double-click the user or user group to which you want to assign the action.

  2. Go to Legacy Console > Administration > Agents > Statistics and then click Refresh.

  3. Right-click the agent and then select Refresh Workspace Agent(s) in the context menu.

For more information about FTA configuration in WEM, see File Associations.

Configure file type associations