Workspace Environment Management


The Monitoring node provides information that you can use for monitoring and troubleshooting your Workspace Environment Management (WEM) deployment and lets you perform administrative tasks.

The Monitoring node consists of the following items:

  • Administration. Lets you view user and agent statistics and administrative activities.

    • User statistics. Displays user statistics about your deployment.
    • Agents. Lets you view agent information and perform administrative tasks such as refreshing the cache, resetting settings, and retrieving agent information.
  • Insights. Lets you gain insights into application behavior. To enable insights for a configuration set, go to its Advanced Settings > Insights page and select Enable data collection and upload for optimization and usage insights. To view insights, select a configuration set and a date range and then click Apply.

    • Optimization Insights. Displays the top 10 applications that triggered CPU spike protection and memory usage optimization most frequently over the specified time period.
    • Usage Insights. Displays the top 10 applications by usage time (hours) and the top 10 applications by number of users, along with the top 10 applications that consumed the most CPU and memory resources over the specified time period.
    • Profile Container Insights. Displays insights for Profile Management and FSLogix containers.
  • Reports. Provides reports that let you analyze your deployments. Each report appears as a table record.


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