Browser device policy

You can create browser device polices for Samsung SAFE or Samsung KNOX devices to define whether user devices can use the browser or to limit the browser functions that the devices can use.

On Samsung devices, you can completely disable the browser, or you can enable or disable pop-ups, JavaScript, cookies, autofill, and whether to force fraud warnings.

To add or configure this policy, go to Configure > Device Policies. For more information, see Device policies.

Samsung SAFE and Samsung KNOX settings

  • Disable browser: Select whether to completely disable the Samsung browser on users’ devices. The default is Off, which lets users use the browser. When you disable the browser, the following options disappear.
  • Disable pop-up: Select whether to allow pop-up messages on the browser.
  • Disable Javascript: Select whether to allow JavaScript to run on the browser.
  • Disable cookies: Select whether to allow cookies.
  • Disable autofill: Select whether to allow users to turn on the browser’s autofill function.
  • Force fraud warning: Select whether to display a warning when users visit a fraudulent or compromised website.
Browser device policy