Fixed issues

Fixed issues in 1903

  • When a Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint presentation running in a seamless published Chrome browser completes, the display might not refresh. There can be a duplication of elements on the screen and mouse clicks do not work as expected. [LD0777]

  • Several unwanted windows that do not correspond to any process or application might appear on the taskbar. [LD1176]

  • Citrix Workspace app for Linux might fail with connection error [LD1122]

For more information, see Cryptographic update.

Fixed issues in 1901

  • USB devices that are attached to an endpoint and mapped into a VDA session can fail to redirect into the session. The issue occurs if you rename a USB device within the session and then detach and reattach it. [LD0111]

  • Certain third-party applications might not function correctly when you launch them from Citrix Workspace app for Linux. The issue occurs when the applications do not pass the checks for the main application window, and then taskbar icons are not created for those applications. [LD0545]

  • Client-to-server File Type Association (FTA) works only once per user and login. To open a local file with the associated published application, see Associating a published application with file types and Enabling File Type Association. [RFLNX-1363]

Fixed issues in 1810

  • For certain time zones, an incorrect time for calendar appointments might be shown when using Versions 1808 or 1809 of Citrix Workspace app for Linux. [LD0467]

  • Attempts to send data from Citrix Receiver for Linux over a custom virtual channel might fail. [RFLNX-2288]

Fixed issues in 1809

  • When you attempt to start published applications, the wfica.exe process might exit unexpectedly. The issue occurs when multiple users share the Linux host where Citrix Receiver for Linux 13.10 is installed. [LD0176]

Fixed issues in 1808

  • When full-screen H264 encoding is enabled, the text carets on some applications such as the command prompt and text editors disappear. To mitigate this issue (until it is resolved in the Citrix Workspace app), small frames support - a feature of HDX “DeepCompressionV2” codec - is disabled on the VDA. [RFLNX-2172]

  • The udtMSS flag is enabled by default in the All_Regions.ini file to allow the Citrix Workspace app to honor the value set in StoreFront’s default.ica file. [RFLNX-2228]

  • The authentication dialog box is hidden behind the full-screen session window when you click anywhere within the session without entering your credentials.

  • The desktop viewer that disappeared randomly on certain monitors appears fine now.

  • When you save a session on specific monitors, upon relaunch, the session spreads across all monitors.

  • When you purge user subscription details, the session fails to launch successfully.

  • When you click Save Layout, the session becomes unresponsive. This issue occurs when you launch multiple sessions from different instances of StoreFront that are configured with or without Save Layout support.