Known issues

Known issues in 1903

  • When using Fedora 29 and later, the Citrix Workspace app for Linux exits unexpectedly with an error message “SIGSEGV”. This issue occurs because Fedora Version 29 and later are not currently supported due to incompatibility in the libidn package provided by the operating system. [LD0705]

  • The Citrix Optimization SDK package contains in incorrect version of the As a workaround, perform the follow the steps:

  1. Download Citrix Optimization SDK package version 18.10 from the Downloads page.

  2. Go to the path CitrixPluginSDK/UIDialogLib/GTK:

    cd CitrixPluginSDK/UIDialogLib/GTK

  3. Delete all the object files:

    rm -rf *.o

  4. Go to WebKit folder:

    cd ../WebKit

  5. Remove the existing

    rm -rf

  6. Use the following command in the WebKit directory:

    make all

    The new is generated.

  7. Copy the new library into the $ICAROOT/lib directory.


Before launching the self-service, kill the AuthManagerDaemon and ServiceRecord processes. [RFLNX-2822]

Known issues in 1901

  • No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 1810

  • Sessions might fail to connect to StoreFront through the Citrix Gateway. The issue occurs when client authentication is mandatory. As a workaround, set client authentication to Optional or disable it. [RFLNX-2431]

Known issues in 1809

  • “Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box” does not work randomly. [LD0843]

Known issues in 1808

  • When using storebrowse with PNA url and an expired password, the Change Expired Password screen does not appear. [LC9129]