Session and Account

This section describes some general guidelines regarding HDX session management and its relationship with macOS user account setup.

Citrix VDA for macOS does not change or manage user accounts in macOS. End users can log out or switch user accounts inside an active HDX session, which follows default macOS behaviors.

For HDX session, two different operations can be performed:

  • Disconnect: ends the current active connection towards VDA. However, the HDX session for Citrix VDA for macOS is still alive and hence, the session is blocked and can be reused only by the last user connected.

  • Logoff: terminates the current HDX session and the VDA is able to establish a new session upon new brokering requests from DDC.

Administrators and end users can disconnect or logoff HDX session through different approaches respectively.

For administrators, session can be disconnected or logged off through the WebStudio and Monitor Service Panel as shown in the following screenshots.



For end users, session can be disconnected or logged off in various ways as shown in the following screenshots.:

  • From the Activity Manager at the top right of the Workspace app page,


  • Pull down the Workspace app toolbar, click Ctrl-Alt-Del to log-off the HDX session

  • Click Disconnect to disconnect the session.


Alternatively, an administrator or an end user can run the command sudo /opt/Citrix/VDA/bin/ctxlogoff to logoff a session directly from the VDA machine.

Administrators should guide their end users to logoff the session each time after usage if their organization wants to maximize the usage of the underlying devices with multiple user accounts configured.

Meanwhile, configure Machine Catalog - Desktop Experience as Random and related Delivery Group settings to allow unbinding between HDX session and the user.


Sending a message from the DaaS management console to the VDA session is not officially supported at the moment.

Session and Account

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