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This Public Tech Preview is the second release of the Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent for macOS where the first Private Tech Preview that we had conducted with selective NDA customers and partners in the past several months - the feedback, and planned feature roadmap and improvement comprised the additional content compare to Private Tech Preview:

  • Support complex network environment and configuration, such as system proxy server configured by PAC; integration and guide for deployment of VDA in scale using UEM/MDM tool; DDC policy parsing optimization and more policy support
  • Key features execution in the HDX roadmap: For example selective H.264; advanced keyboard/IME capabilities; latest audio feature: multiple audio devices redirection.
  • Expanded CWA (Citrix Workspace App) integration: connect from iPad, iPhone and Android are fully supported; More capabilities supported in DaaS for better VDA management and monitoring.
  • Enhanced supportability: For example, AppCenter crash report support; improved logging; and many improvements for limitations in Private Tech Preview and more.
What’s New

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