Supportability Service

Citrix supportability service is launched as a daemon service in VDA.

With this service, anonymous feature usage and diagnostic information is collected and available to assist further troubleshooting and other activities.

Data Point Key Name Description
Machine GUID machine_guid Used as an identifier the data comes from the same machine
OS name and version os_name_version A string denoting the macOS name and version on this machine
Kernel version kernel_version A string denoting this machine’s kernel version
GPU type gpu_type The GPU type on this machine
CPU type cpu_type The CPU type on this machine
CPU cores cpu_cores Integer denoting the number of CPU cores on this machine
CPU frequency cpu_frequency Float denoting the CPU frequency in MHZ
Physical memory size memory_size Integer denoting the physical memory size in KB
VDA version vda_version A string denoting the installed version of Mac VDA
VDA update or fresh install


A string denoting the current VDA package is being fresh installed or updated. Enum values
  • install
  • update
  • AD solution


    A string denoting this machine’s domain join method
  • NonDomainJoinedMode
  • DomainJoinedMode
  • System locale system_locale A string denoting the locale of this machine
    VDA virtualization type


    A string denoting the hypervisor where VDA is created
  • Physical machine
  • Virtual machine
  • Farm Id farm_id String denoting the farm id
    Session key session_key Used to identify the data comes from the same session
    Resource type resource_type A text string denoting the resource type of the launched session: desktop
    Receiver client type


    An integer value to represent the receiver type that is used to launch this session, valid values: {"1", "82", "257", "81", "257", "84", "83"}. The values mean
  • 1 Windows
  • 82 Mac
  • 257 Chrome
  • 81 Linux
  • 257 HTML5
  • 84 Android
  • 83 iOS
  • Receiver client version receiver_version A string value to represent the receiver’s version that is used to launch this session
    User selected Language ctxism_select The string value is a composed long string, which includes all the languages the user selected
    Video codec type grahpic_video_codec_type The video codec type being used for Thinwire. Valid values: {“H264”, “H265”, “None”}
    Logon credential type credentials_type An integer value to represent LVDA logon credential type. Valid values: {"PASSWORD"}
    MTU mtu A string denoting whether MTU is used in this session, valid values: { “Enabled”, “Disabled” }
    MTU MSS mtu_mss An integer value donating the MSS size
    Keyboard layout Sync mode VDAKeyboardSync The keyboard layout synchronization mode: {“Disabled”, “ClientKeyboardLayoutSyncOnce”, “ClientKeyboardLayoutSync”}
    Active keyboard layout VDAKeyboardLayout The input source name that getting active in a session, including the ones that dynamically Synced in
    Supportability Service

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