Automatic DPI Scaling

The macOS VDA supports automatic DPI scaling. When you open a virtual desktop or application session, the DPI value in the session automatically changes to match the DPI setting on the client side.

The following are some considerations related to this feature:

  • The feature requires that you enable DPI matching for Citrix Workspace.

    • Select No, use the native resolution option for Citrix Workspace App for Windows. For more information about configuring DPI scaling for Citrix Workspace App for Windows, see DPI scaling.
  • For the feature to work in multi-monitor scenarios, each monitor must be configured with the same DPI setting.

    Note :

    Automatic DPI scaling does not support multi-monitors with different DPI settings.

  • The DPI value in the virtual session automatically changes according to the DPI setting on the client side.

Currently, the feature supports only scale factors of 1 and 2. For Example: 100% and 200%.

Automatic DPI Scaling

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