Citrix VDA for macOS Overview

This Public Tech Preview product supports all major functionalities & key elements in the HDX/ICA stack and integrates seamlessly with the DaaS management plane, extra capabilities has been developed with input from the Private Tech Preview program and the product has been optimized for Apple Silicon chip families. We divided major functionalities into follow categories as a quick introduction, refer to the respective sections in this document for more details.

HDX Features:

  • Graphics / Keyboard / Mouse
  • Clipboard
  • Audio
  • CGP / SR / ACR
  • TCP / EDT (EDT is enabled by default)
  • Secure user sessions using DTLS / TLS through NetScaler Gateway or Citrix Gateway Service (enabled by default)
  • Adaptive Graphics / Selective H.264 (enabled by default)
  • Adaptive Throughput (enabled by default)
  • Multi-monitors
  • High DPI
  • Multiple client audio redirection support
  • V4 Reducer
  • MTU Discovery
  • Dynamic Keyboard Layout Sync
  • Citrix Workspace App ipadOS, iOS and Android Support

Management plane functionalities:

  • DDC Policies
  • NDJ (Non-domain joined) VDA
  • Rendezvous V2 (both TCP and EDT)
  • DaaS management console integration
  • VDA Installer
  • Proxy configuration through PAC support

Mac specific capability support:

  • Apple Silicon native support & optimization
  • macOS Fast User Switching support
  • Trackpad experience


  • Logging and Log Enhancement
  • xdlcollect
  • ctxsession
  • vdaversion
  • App Center Crash Report
  • Log on Performance and ICA RTT Data in DaaS Monitor
Citrix VDA for macOS Overview

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