Audio Redirection Opus codec is supported with the following limitations or known issues.

  • Fast user switch in the session may cause audio to stop working. This issue only happens with Windows CWA.

    • This is a known issue with a solution ongoing to fix.

    • Workaround is to do a full logout of the current user before switching.

Keyboard & Mouse:

  • Long-pressing vowel keys (a,e,i,o,u) to type accented characters with Scancode mode is not supported.

  • When you connect from CWA Windows, resizing the session window from window mode to full-screen sometimes results in an inaccurate mouse focus in rare cases.

    • The workaround is to resize the CWA window again.
  • When you connect from CWA Windows with Surface Pro, the soft keyboard cannot popup automatically.

    • The workaround is to manually open it from the toolbar.
  • Changing the Natural scrolling setting in macOS VDA will not take effect, because what you configure is for a physical connected mouse.

    • Workaround is to change the client CWA setting accordingly.
  • Insert key in the Windows full-size keyboard is designed to work as a Fn key in macOS VDA.

    • It does not support combinations with up / down / left / right keys.

Note :

When you connect from CWA macOS, Citrix recommends you to use scancode for keyboard input mode.

Trackpad, currently in this Public Tech Preview, we support:

  • Tap to click
  • Right-click
  • Scroll gestures

Work is in progress to support more functionalities listed in this page:

High DPI, your end-point’s monitor must have a resolution greater than 2K to use this feature. If you’re connecting to the VDA using CWA Windows, you can:

  • Change Windows native scaling to 200%


  • Change the Windows CWA setting in the monitor layout - DPI scaling to 200%

Graphics, currently in this Public Tech Preview,

We do not support Spin Cursor and sleep function for the monitor.

Monitor blanking might not work with some special monitors, the monitors which can’t be blanked out will not display any application window.

Network, Citrix recommends you to use only one NIC if your VDA machine has multiple NICs.

  • The behavior using multiple NICs is not guaranteed.

Clipboard support the following format copy-in/out when policy is configured from the DaaS management console:


When you use CWA Linux to connect the VDA, copy-in and out for an image file is not supported - this is a known issue from CWA Linux.

DaaS management Console capabilities are under development and are not available at the moment:

  • Policies outside the policy support list are not supported for the Public Tech Preview.

  • In session control, Shadow User, Machine Operations and Send Message are not supported.

  • Under Monitor/Resource Utilization, IOPS & Disk Latency are not fully supported.

  • List and Manage Application and Process Information under Monitor/Activity Manager are not supported.

    • Restart/Reset Profile/Reset Personal vDisk is also not supported.

macOS Specific:

  • Citrix recommends not to use the macOS VDA session to upgrade the macOS (For example, 13->14).

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