System Requirements

System requirements of Citrix VDA for macOS contain both hardware and software aspects, as the main delivery model is Remote PC Access that is based on physical Mac devices and the product has been optimized specifically for Apple Silicon, hence the underlying devices have to be within the Apple product families listed below.

To ensure access the VDA from different platforms and be managed as other VDA types, both CWA (Citrix Workspace App) and DaaS version requirement have been specified below.

Supported Hardware Platforms

Apple Silicon (M1, M2, and M3 families) based macOS devices:

  • Mac mini
  • MacBook Air or MacBook Pro
  • iMac
  • Mac Studio
  • Mac Pro

Note :

Intel CPU based Mac devices are not supported.

Supported macOS Versions

This Public Tech Preview product support the two latest versions of macOS.

macOS Name macOS version
Venture 13.*
Sonoma 14.*


Citrix might be limited in its ability to test all the sub-versions under one major macOS revision. Contact us if you need to stay in a certain sub-version.

Network Environment Configuration

  • Network configuration generally follows the same requirements as in the Citrix Cloud.

  • The VDA machine must have the minimal port 443 open for outbound traffic.

  • When EDT is enabled (by default), port 2598 and 1494 must be opened when CWA and VDA are within the same network and you must launch from StoreFront or NetScaler.

  • Proxy configurations are supported. The priorities are taken as the following orders:

    • Control traffic (VDA enrollment, registration): VDA registry configuration -> system proxy setting (from PAC configuration and so on)

    • HDX session traffic: group policy -> VDA registry configuration -> system proxy setting (from PAC configuration and so on)


Currently we recommend enabling only one NIC (Network Interface Card) in the VDA machine

Citrix Management Plane Requirement

  • Existing DaaS Subscription, Standard or above; CPL (Citrix Platform License) or UL (Universal License)


CVAD or Citrix Private Cloud is not supported in this Preview - it is expected upon GA fully support these on-prem management plane.

  • Citrix Workspace App 2402 for Windows or later
  • Citrix Workspace App 2402 for Linux or later
  • Citrix Workspace App 2402 for Mac or later
  • Citrix Workspace App 2403 for ipadOS/iOS
  • Citrix Workspace App 2403 for Android

Additional runtime libraries needed

  • Microsoft .NET 6.0 (.NET 8.0 support is planned for GA) macOS ARM64 build - refer Installation part for details
System Requirements