Tips and Troubleshooting Guide


  • If your first installation failed or you have an older VDA but you like to enroll it towards a new DDC, invoke “sudo /opt/Citrix/VDA/bin/vdaconfig” to re-open the vdaconfig tool UI to perform corresponding actions.

  • Regarding the performance testing under a high-latency network Env, we can do the following to get a better result.

    1. Change the FPS target from the default value of 30 to 15.

    2. Change to Full-screen H264 and give a test. (The fonts on the desktop may look slightly blurry, but the performance will be improved. It is a handoff between quality and performance).

    3. Change the rate limit from the default of 30 to 20 (it only works to FullScreen H264 and Selective H264)

Troubleshooting Guide

While you deploy and use Citrix VDA for macOS, you may face some problems. Here are some common issues that you may encounter.

The CWA (Citrix Workspace App) cannot launch the session to my remote macOS device

To launch a session successfully, your Citrix VDA must be enrolled and correctly configured in the Citrix DaaS console. Log in to the Citrix DaaS console and check the following items.

  1. Make sure that the machine is shown as Registered. CWA-cannot-launch

  2. Assign the user with a machine in the delivery group settings.

I can connect but the CWA is showing a gray screen

Check whether the Screen Recording privacy setting is enabled for Citrix Graphics Service.


I cannot hear or record any voice from my CWA side

Make sure that your audio input and output is using Citrix Audio Device.

Output Input

I cannot enter the text

Make sure the Accessibility permission is assigned to the Citrix Input Service.


For easy troubleshooting on how to enable remote desktop and remote login to VDA machine, Refer

What information should I collect if the problem persists?

M: mandatory field O: optional field

[M] Issue Description

[M] Blocking issue (Yes) or (No)

[M] VDA macOS version, apple silicon M1 or M2

[M] VDA version: You can get the version by the following command: $ /opt/Citrix/VDA/bin/vdaversion

[M] CWA type and version

[O] Issue reproducible (Yes) or (No)

[O] Screenshots or screen captures (if any)

[M] VDA side system information and logs: Please run the following command to collect system information and VDA configurations/logs. The information is packaged as a single file. Please attach this file when you report any issues. $ sudo /opt/Citrix/VDA/bin/ In addition, also include the output of the following command. This information includes the session information such as the protocols, connection details $ /opt/Citrix/VDA/bin/ctxsession -v

Tips and Troubleshooting Guide