Unable to play recordings

You might be unable to play recordings from within the Session Recording service. In this case, verify that outbound traffic is allowed on port 9191 for your device and network to reach the Session Recording service. To do so, you can copy and run the following script:

# Copyright (c) Citrix Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.

    This script is used to check whether or not port 9191 is open.
    Note: Excute this script from the machine where you want to play recordings from the Session Recording service.


$SR_CLOUD_DOMAIN = "sessionrecording.apps.cloud.com"
function Check-PortStatus {

    $ctResult = tnc  $SR_CLOUD_DOMAIN  -port 9191
    if($ctResult.TcpTestSucceeded -ne $True) {
        Write-Host "Error : $SR_CLOUD_DOMAIN : $_ is unreachable" -ForegroundColor Red
    else {
        Write-Host "$SR_CLOUD_DOMAIN : 9191 is open" -ForegroundColor Green


Output of the script can be sessionrecording.apps.cloud.com <port number> is unreachable or sessionrecording.apps.cloud.com <port number> is open.

If port 9191 is not open, it means that outbound traffic is denied and you need to allow it to reach the Session Recording service.

Unable to play recordings

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