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A goal of Citrix is to deliver new features and product updates to Workspace Environment Management (WEM) service customers when they are available. New releases provide more value, so there is no reason to delay updates. Updates are rolled out to the service release approximately every three weeks.

This process is transparent to you. Updates are applied to Citrix internal sites initially, and are then applied to customer environments gradually. Delivering updates incrementally in waves helps ensure product quality and maximize availability.

For information about the service level goal for the WEM service for cloud scale and service availability, see Service Level Goals. To monitor service interruptions and scheduled maintenance, see the Service Health Dashboard.

January 2021

Support for condition-based assignment of Group Policy settings

  • Starting with this release, you can make Group Policy settings conditional by using a filter to contextualize their assignments. A filter comprises a rule and multiple conditions. The WEM agent applies the assigned Group Policy settings only when all conditions in the rule are met in the user environment at runtime. Otherwise, the agent skips those settings when enforcing filters. For more information, see Contextualize Group Policy settings.

  • Minimum agent version required: 2101.1.0.1

Privilege elevation

  • This release introduces the privilege elevation feature. The feature lets you elevate the privileges of non-administrative users to an administrator level necessary for some executables. As a result, those users can start those executables as if they are members of the administrators group.

    The feature enables you to implement rule-based privilege elevation for specific executables. The following rule types are available:

    • Path. Applies the rule to an executable according to the executable file path.
    • Publisher. Applies the rule according to publisher information.
    • Hash. Applies the rule to identical executables as specified.

    You can configure how a rule behaves according to the type of the operating system. You can also configure whether a rule takes effect at a particular time or within a particular time range. You assign a rule on a per user or per user group basis. For more information, see Privilege elevation.

  • Minimum agent version required: 2010.2.0.1


  • While the WEM agent performs application processing during logon, Windows might display the Problem with Shortcut dialog box, prompting end users to delete a shortcut that no longer works properly. The issue occurs when the item to which the shortcut refers has been changed or moved. [WEM-10257, CVADHELP-15968]

What’s new in earlier releases

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What’s new