Citrix Endpoint Management

Language support

Citrix mobile productivity apps and the Endpoint Management console are adapted for use in languages other than English. The support includes non-English characters and keyboard input even when the app is not localized in the preferred language of a user. For more information about globalization support for all Citrix products, see

This article lists the supported languages in the latest release of Endpoint Management.

Endpoint Management console and the Self-Help Portal

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Simplified Chinese

Citrix mobile productivity apps

An X indicates that the app is available in that particular language.

iOS and Android

Language Secure Hub Secure Mail Secure Web Secure Notes Secure Tasks QuickEdit
Japanese X X X X X X
Simplified Chinese X X X X X X
Traditional Chinese X X X X X X
French X X X X X X
German X X X X X X
Spanish X X X X X X
Korean X X X X X X
Portuguese X X X X X X
Dutch X X X X X X
Italian X X X X X X
Danish X X X X X X
Swedish X X X X X X
Hebrew X X X X X iOS only
Arabic X X X X X X
Russian X X X X X X
Turkish X X Android only - - -
Polish X X X - - -

Right-to-left language support

The following table summarizes support for text in Middle Eastern languages for each app. An X indicates that the feature is available for that platform. Right-to-left language support is not available for Windows devices.

App iOS Android
Secure Hub X X
Secure Mail X X
Secure Web X X
QuickEdit X X
Language support