Citrix Endpoint Management

App uninstall device policy

The App uninstall policy lets you remove apps from user devices. You might remove an app if you no longer want to support it or if you want to replace it with a similar app from a different vendor.

When this policy is deployed to user devices, users receive a prompt to uninstall the app, then the app is removed.

To add or configure this policy, go to Configure > Device Policies. For more information, see Device policies.

iOS and macOS settings

Device Policies configuration screen

  • Managed app bundle ID: In the list, select an existing managed app or Add new. If there are no apps configured for this platform, the list is empty, and you must add a new managed app. When you select Add new, a field appears where you can type a managed app name. Available for iOS 5.0 and later and macOS 11.0 and later.

Android (legacy DA), Android Enterprise, and Windows Desktop/Tablet settings

  • Apps to uninstall: For each app you want to add, click Add and then do the following:
    • App name: In the list, click an existing app or click Add new to enter a new app name. If there are no apps configured for this platform, the list is empty and you must add new apps.
    • Click Add to add the app or click Cancel to cancel adding the app.

For Android Enterprise apps, also enable the App inventory device policy. See App inventory device policy.

Automatically uninstall an Enterprise app after the corresponding public app store app installs

You can configure Citrix Endpoint Management to remove the Enterprise version of Citrix apps upon installation of the public app store version. This feature prevents user devices from having two identical app icons after the public app store version installs.

A deployment condition for the App Uninstall device policy triggers Citrix Endpoint Management to remove older apps from user devices upon installation of the new version. This feature is available only for managed iOS devices connected to an Citrix Endpoint Management server in enterprise mode (XME).

To configure a deployment rule with the Installed app name condition:

  • Specify the Managed app bundle ID for the Enterprise app.

  • Add a rule: Click New Rule and then, as shown in the sample, choose Installed app name and is equal to. Type the app bundle ID for the public app store app.

In the example, when the public app store app (com.citrix.mail.ios) installs on a device in the delivery groups specified, Citrix Endpoint Management removes the Enterprise version (com.citrix.mail).

App uninstall device policy