Citrix Endpoint Management


Samsung offers several solutions that are compatible with Citrix Endpoint Management.

To control how and when Android devices connect to the Citrix Endpoint Management service, use Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). For information, see Firebase Cloud Messaging.

Enrollment profiles determine whether Android devices enroll in MAM, MDM, or MDM+MAM, with the option for users to opt out of MDM. Citrix Endpoint Management supports the following authentication types for Android devices enrolled in MDM+MAM. For information, see the following articles:

Another rarely used authentication method is client certificate plus security token. For information, see

A general workflow for starting Android device management is as follows:

  1. Complete the onboarding process. See Onboarding and resource setup and Prepare to enroll devices and deliver resources.

  2. Choose and configure an enrollment method. See Supported enrollment methods.

  3. Deploy Samsung license keys.

  4. Configure Samsung device policies.

  5. Set up device and app security actions. See Security actions.

For supported operating systems, see Supported device operating systems.

Supported enrollment methods

The following table lists the enrollment methods that Citrix Endpoint Management supports for Android devices:

Method Supported
Manual enrollment Yes
Enrollment invitations Yes

For information about enrolling devices, see Enroll Android devices.

Deploy Samsung license keys

Samsung has Enterprise License Management (ELM) keys. You purchase Samsung licenses from Samsung.

Configure Samsung device policies

Device policies:

App Restrictions App Uninstall Browser
Copy Apps to Samsung Container Exchange Passcode
Restrictions VPN  

Security actions

Android supports the following security actions. For a description of each security action, see Security actions.

App Lock App Wipe Certificate Renewal
Full Wipe Locate Lock
Lock and Reset Password Notify Revoke
Selective Wipe    


For devices running Android 6.0 and greater, the Locate security action requires the user to grant Location permission during enrollment. The user can opt not to grant Location permissions. If the user doesn’t grant the permission during enrollment, Citrix Endpoint Management again requests location permissions when sending the Locate command.