Citrix Endpoint Management

Citrix Support process

You can turn Citrix Technical Support Services to help with issues related to Citrix products. The group offers workarounds and resolutions and works hand in hand with development teams to offer solutions.

Citrix Consulting Services or Citrix Education Services offer help related to product training, advising on product usage, configuration, installation, or environment design and architecture.

Citrix Consulting helps with the Citrix product-related projects including the following:

  • Proof of concepts
  • Economic impact assessment
  • Infrastructure health checks
  • Design requirements analysis
  • Architecture design verification
  • Integration
  • Operational process development

Citrix Education offers best-in-class IT training and certification on Citrix Virtualization, Cloud, and networking technologies.

Citrix recommends that you take full advantage of the Citrix Self-Help Resources and recommendations before creating a support case. For instance, there are several places where you can access articles and bulletins written by Citrix technical experts, see product documentation for Citrix solutions and technologies, or read straight talk from Citrix executives, product teams, and technical experts. See the Knowledge Center, Product documentation, and Blogs pages respectively.

For more interactive assistance, you can participate in discussion forums where you can ask questions and get real-world answers from other customers, share ideas, opinions, technical information, and best practices within user groups and interest groups, or interact with Citrix Support engineers who monitor Citrix Support social networking sites. See the Support Forums and Citrix Community pages respectively.

You also have access to training and certification courses to build your skills. See Citrix Education.

Citrix Insight Services provides a simple, online troubleshooting platform and health-checker for your Citrix environment. Available for Citrix Endpoint Management, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Hypervisor, and NetScaler Gateway. See Analysis Tool.

To seek technical support, you can create a support case either by phone or via the web. You can use the web for low- and medium-severity issues and use the phone option for high-severity issues. To contact support for Citrix Endpoint Management issues, see Citrix Support Services.

If you seek a highly trained single point of contact with extensive experience delivering Citrix solutions, Citrix Services offers a Technical Relationship Manager. For more information about Citrix services offerings and benefits, see Citrix Worldwide Services.

Citrix Support process

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