Citrix DaaS

Enlightened Data Transport

Enlightened Data Transport (EDT) is a Citrix-proprietary transport protocol built on top of User Datagram Protocol (UDP). It delivers a superior user experience on challenging long-haul connections while maintaining server scalability. EDT improves data throughput for all ICA virtual channels on unreliable networks, providing a better and more consistent user experience.

When Adaptive Transport is enabled, EDT is the preferred protocol.

Things to know

EDT MTU Discovery

MTU Discovery allows EDT to automatically determine the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) when establishing a session. Doing so prevents EDT packet fragmentation that might result in performance degradation or failure to establish a session.

MTU Discovery is enabled by default. If you need to disable it, see HDX features managed through the registry for details.


  • Session Reliability must be enabled for MTU Discovery to work.
  • MTU Discovery with Multi-Stream ICA is available with VDA versions 2209 and later.
Enlightened Data Transport