Citrix Endpoint Management

Language support

Citrix mobile productivity apps and the Citrix Endpoint Management console are adapted for use in languages other than English. The support includes non-English characters and keyboard input even when the app is not localized in the preferred language of a user. For more information about globalization support for all Citrix products, see

This article lists the supported languages in the latest release of Citrix Endpoint Management.

Citrix Endpoint Management console and the Self-Help Portal

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Simplified Chinese

Citrix mobile productivity apps

An X indicates that the app is available in that particular language.

iOS and Android

Language Secure Hub Secure Mail Secure Web Secure Notes Secure Tasks QuickEdit
Japanese X X X X X X
Simplified Chinese X X X X X X
Traditional Chinese X X X X X X
French X X X X X X
German X X X X X X
Spanish X X X X X X
Korean X X X X X X
Portuguese X X X X X X
Dutch X X X X X X
Italian X X X X X X
Danish X X X X X X
Swedish X X X X X X
Hebrew X X X X X iOS only
Arabic X X X X X X
Russian X X X X X X
Turkish X X Android only - - -
Polish X X X - - -

Right-to-left language support

The following table summarizes support for text in Middle Eastern languages for each app. An X indicates that the feature is available for that platform. Right-to-left language support is not available for Windows devices.

App iOS Android
Citrix Secure Hub X X
Citrix Secure Mail X X
Citrix Secure Web X X
QuickEdit X X
Language support