Add media

You add media to Endpoint Management so you can deploy the media to user devices. You can use Endpoint Management to deploy Apple Books that you obtain through Apple volume purchase.

After you configure a volume purchase account in Endpoint Management, your purchased and free books appear in Configure > Media. From the Media pages, you configure books for deployment to iOS devices by choosing delivery groups and specifying deployment rules.

The first time that a user receives a book and accepts the volume purchase license, deployed books install on the device. The books appear in the Apple Book app. You can’t disassociate the book license from the user or remove the book from the device. Endpoint Management installs books as required media. If a user deletes an installed book from their device, the book remains in the Apple Book app, ready for download.


  • iOS devices

  • Configure Apple volume purchase in Endpoint Management, as described in Apple Volume Purchase.

Configure books

Apple Books obtained through volume purchase appear on the Configure > Media page.

Books configuration

To configure an Apple Book for deployment

  1. In Configure > Media, select a book and click Edit. The Book Information page appears.

    Books configuration

    The Name and Description appear only in the Endpoint Management console and logs.

  2. In the iPhone iBook Settings and iPad iBook Settings pages: While you can optionally change the book name and description, Citrix recommends that you don’t change these settings. The image is for your information and isn’t editable. Paid iBook indicates that a book is purchased through Apple volume purchase.

    Books configuration

    You can also specify deployment rules or view volume purchase information.

    Books configuration

  3. Optionally, assign the book to delivery groups and set a deployment schedule.

    Books configuration

    You can also assign books to delivery groups from the Media tab for Configure > Delivery Groups. Endpoint Management supports required book deployment only.

    Books configuration

  4. Use the Media tab for Manage > Devices to view deployment status.

    Books configuration


    On the Configure > Media page, if you select a book and click Delete, Endpoint Management removes the book from the list. However, the next time Endpoint Management syncs with Apple volume purchase, the book reappears on the list unless it has been removed from Apple volume purchase. Deleting a book from the list doesn’t remove the book from devices.

Books appear on user devices as shown in the following example.

Books configuration