Citrix Endpoint Management

Mobile Service Provider

You can enable Citrix Endpoint Management to use the Mobile Service Provider interface to query BlackBerry and Exchange ActiveSync devices and issue operations.

For example, suppose that your organization has 1,000 users and each user uses one or more devices. After you direct all users to enroll their devices with Citrix Endpoint Management, the Citrix Endpoint Management console indicates the number of devices that users enroll. By configuring this setting, you can determine how many devices connect to the Exchange Server. In this way, you can do the following:

  • Determine if any users still have to enroll their devices.
  • Issue commands to user devices that connect to the Exchange Server, such as data wipes.
  1. In the Citrix Endpoint Management console, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner. The Settings page appears.
  2. Under Server, click Mobile Service Provider. The Mobile Service Provider page appears.

    Mobile Service Provider page

  3. Configure these settings:

    • Web service URL: Type the URL of the Web service; for example, https://XmmServer/services/xdmservice.
    • User name: Type the user name in the format domain\\admin.
    • Password: Type the password.
    • Automatically update BlackBerry and ActiveSync device connections: Select whether to automatically update device connections. The default is Off
    • Click Test Connection to verify connectivity.
  4. Click Save.
Mobile Service Provider

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